About the Hosea Foundation

During Gregory Norbet's twenty-one years as a monk of St. Benedict at the Weston Priory in Vermont, visitors to the monastery over and over again confided in him their yearning for God and asked how they could satisfy their deep spiritual hunger. They spoke of the way in which Gregory's music and lyrics fed their souls. People also articulated a great need for spiritual direction in living a spiritual life, and of the lack of programs providing opportunities for spiritual development.

Sensing that something of his own monastic experience and spiritual journey had a contribution to make in addressing the spiritual hungers of society, he returned to graduate school for studies in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Ministry.Upon completing his Masters Degree, Gregory began to minister in 1986, joined by his wife Kathryn Carrington, also a spiritual director and icon painter, in 1987. This work for God flourished, and eventually evolved to more than thirty events a year, in parishes, schools, medical centers, prisons, retreat centers, nursing homes and the like. In addition, they have directed a successful retreat program in Vermont, Hosea Mountain Retreats, since 1989. They have also published seven recordings and two prayer books designed to assist others with their spiritual development.

In recent years they have come to realize that if this ministry is to fulfill its potential, it needs to be able to reach a larger audience. They began to dream of expanding the scope and outreach of the Hosea Ministry. In response to this need and their dream, a group of friends and associates joined them in 2000 to found the Hosea Foundation.The Foundation and its outreach of educating people in matters of the Spirit of Christ continues to grow. We invite you to share in its mission of helping others become a compassionate presence in the world. For more information on how you can play a part, please contact the Hosea Foundation.

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Gregory Norbet


Board of Directors

Grace M. Collins, President
Kathryn Carrington, Vice President
Gregory Norbet, Executive Director
Rt. Rev. Frank T. Griswold
Rev. Mr. William W. K. Rich
Joan Hay Madeira
Gerard J. Collins, Treasurer