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      Spreading the Compassion and forgiveness of Christ


"Madonna and Child" by Katherine Carrington

"Madonna and Child"
by Kathryn Carrington
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Gregory wishes to thank all those who have over the years participated in his annual retreats. He is sad to announce that, for personal reasons, he has concluded this autumnal tradition.


We join you in prayer and gratitude and stand united with you in seeking the Light of Christ in everyday life, and striving to be the Light of Christ for our world in great need of His peace and healing compassion.

- Gregory Norbet and Kathryn Carrington

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God of Peace, may your peace be. God of Love, may your love we share. Keep alive in us, as day fades into night, your compassion, your great mercy for all.

Bless God with full heart as you wait with love. Lift your hands in praise, raise your eyes with hope, and know the Holy One you seek is here.

-Lyrics of "God Of Peace" by Gregory Norbet

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