The Music of

The Music of

Gregory  Norbet

Gregory  Norbet

formerly of Weston Priory

 formerly of Weston Priory

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The Music of Gregory Norbet

The music of Gregory Norbet is in two categories: his early work, created while a member of the Weston Priory in Vermont; and his later work which is published by Oregon Catholic Press.

Music CDs, with some companion books.


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Into the Arms of God:  Gregory Norbet

Gregory Norbet's album on receiving God's love,
compassion and forgiveness.  The perfect choice for funerals and celebrations of a loved one’s life.    

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        Into the Arms of God

        Blest Be (The Beatitudes)

        Come Back, Come Home

        How Great and Wondrous

        Choir of Angels

        Come to Help Me

        Though the Mountains Fall

        Where True Love Abides

        Holy God, Heal Us

        Meditation: Opening the Heart

CD + Octavo packet for a total of $35 + shipping

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Gregory Norbet has created  Into the Arms of God  to help in moments of grief and examine the continual comfort in the Lord's presence.  This new collection offers hope, assurance and guidance,  perfect for group retreats, bible studies and other events that work towards spiritual renewal.

Mountains of My Soul:  Gregory Norbet

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Mountains of My Soul is an inspired collection of prayerful songs arranged for unison choir, piano, organ, guitar and various instruments. It has been one of his best-selling collections of music and won him an award from the publisher, OCP.

Gracious Light, peaceful instrumentals 

A collage of original instrumental music that is both hauntingly beautiful and inspiring.

See what one buyer said of this music:

I must admit that since I am not a Catholic, I had never heard of Gregory Norbet nor his music.  Since receiving the CDs yesterday I must admit I have never heard such relaxing, beautiful, and most of all PERFECT music for meditation as on the two instrumental CDs I purchased ( Gracious Light and Waiting Moments). There is no doubt our gracious Lord inspired this music due to its incredible soothing effect and Godly sounds. Over the years I have spent a fortune looking for what I have now found on these CDs. Thank you and please thank Gregory Norbet for heeding God's call and putting into music His beautiful voice. - Kirk

These beautifully written, arranged and recorded morning and evening prayers offer a sense of the sacred with a blend of traditional and contemporary music and text. The Latin and English Gregorian chants, original compositions, scripture readings and original inspirational readings will help open your heart and spirit to encouragement and growth. Note that on "May the Love" and "Mend my Heart", you will hear the voice of Gregory's wife, icon artist Kathryn Carrington.

The second volume in this best-selling series 

This CD will transport you to that place of reverent solitude you are seeking. Melodic birdsong and resonant music will drown out the clamor of everyday concerns. Gregory's soothing voice will direct your thoughts toward prayer and your spiritual eyes toward God. The recordings contain 32 different chants, songs, readings and prayers that can be an invaluable asset to prayer groups, retreats, Christian education programs and other gatherings of the faithful.

Like  Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, this second volume is comprised of spoken prayers and meditations interspersed with choral music sung in the ancient format of the Hours. Its soothing arrangements feature piano, flute, oboe, English horn and cello. The accompanying Meditation Book contains verses, reflections and space for you to write your own prayers and contemplations.

Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer III:  Gregory Norbet

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Prayer book, 


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The third volume in this best-selling series 

Singing the Divine Office, we join in a daily rhythm that anchors us in God. A Benedictine monk for 21 years, Gregory Norbet would know. The third volume in his best-selling Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer series is a wonderful way to consecrate each day through prayer and song. Opening with bird song, church bells and "Benedicámus Dómino" and closing with "Divínum Auxílium" and the chirping of crickets, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer III is a gentle, prayerful way to begin and end each day.

OCTAVO of “OUR FATHER” now available here!

The River, The Peace: Gregory Norbet

The River, the Peace celebrates the magnificence of creation using imagery from the Psalms as well as the Gospels of Luke and John.

Waiting Moments: Gregory Norbet

Waiting Moments is a collection of instrumental music that draws from two of Gregory's collections,  The River, the Peace and  Mountains of My Soul . The melody - carried by flute, oboe, cello or English horn - assists prayer during group worship or personal meditation.

Dona Nobis Pacem - Peaceful Christmas: Gregory Norbet

Enjoy the peaceful, comforting songs of Gregory Norbet at Christmas. Gregory offers new insight into the Christmas story with poetry, melody and his own gentle style.  Dona Nobis Pacem includes both well-known songs for the Advent / Christmas season and Gregory's original compositions. "Madonna and Child" Cover art by icon artist Katherine Carrington. Visit her website:  www.carringtonsacredart.com

LISTEN: Gregory Norbet, with the Weston Priory

Twelve songs, including "Moments To Live by," "All I Ask of You," "Our Peace and Integrity," and "Hosea (Come Back to Me)." Song Book and Organ Book have a supplement that includes "Table Litany," "With Your Spirit" and "Our Heart Is Filled With Joy." 

Some of Gregory's earliest songs, still very popular today!

Please click any underlined title to hear it. 

Moments To Live By     3:20 

The Lord Jesus     4:00 

New Life, New Creation     2:37 

All Along theWay     3:04

All I Ask Of You      4:25

Listen      2:30 

The Dawn Has Come     2:44 

Our Peace And Integrity     3:05 

Mary’s Song     4:05 

O With What Joy     2:27 

Hands     4:00 

Hosea ("Come Back To Me")      4:04


Wherever You Go:  Gregory Norbet, with the Weston Priory

Twelve songs, including "Happiness," "Yahweh," "If Anyone Loves Me," "A Light Has Shone," "Hosanna," and "Wherever You Go." Song Book and Organ Book have a supplement that includes two Calls to Worship, Eucharistic Acclamations, and sung parts of the Eucharist. 

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Wherever You Go 4:25

Happiness     3:00 

Unless We Are Born (Unless A Man)     2:32 

The Dove Song     3:10 

Father, If this Cup     2:50 

Yahweh 3:30 

Walk In The Shoes 4:10 

Anything Happens     3:20 

All Those Who Love Me 

(If Anyone Loves Me)     1:35 

O Lord, Be Not Far     3:52 

A Light Has Shone     2:25 

Hosanna     3:10

Go Up To the Mountain - Gregory Norbet with the Weston Priory

Fourteen songs, including "Go Up to the Mountain", "Something Which Is Known","Jesus","The Spirit of the Lord","If I Be Lifted Up","For I Shall See You Again","With Thanksgiving To God""Be Glad, O People","Deep Into the Stillness","Carver of Words","Hear My Prayer, O God",and "For Us To Live". 

Please click underlined title to hear it:

Something Which Is Known (Alleluia) 3:40

SPIRIT ALIVE - Gregory Norbet with the Weston Priory

Twelve songs, in this Weston Priory CD including "Spirit of God," "Journeys Ended, Journeys Begun," "Will You Take the Time," "Bread That Was Sown," and "The Sun Is Rising." Song Book and Organ Book supplements include more Antiphons, and "In the Stillness" and "This Is My Body." 

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Spirit Of God     3:17 

Journeys Ended, Journeys Begun     4:05 

Will You Take The Time     3:12 

Your Eyes     3:17 

Hand Of The Lord     3:00 

A Time To Gather     3:55 

Bread That Was Sown     3:20 

In This Day, O God     3:00 

It Is Your Name     2:08 

The Sun Is Rising     2:44 

Long Before I Know     4:00 

 My Friends, I Bless You     1:52 

Spirit Of God (Reprise)     2:40

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